Businesses and governments are endorsing and promoting clean energy technologies with sustained intensity. Martin Laboratories EMG’s mission is rooted in building a profitable business through the implementation of responsible environmentalism.

Martin Laboratories mission is rooted in responsible environmentalism.

The Platinum Metals we’re sourcing are meant to power the ongoing clean energy revolution. As a result, operations of our mining sites take into account the surrounding environment and communities. These considerations are among our greatest priorities.

Businesses and governments in the developed world are pushing clean energy technologies with sustained intensity. Electric vehicles are now being produced by most major automakers and the global market for solar panels heats up with each passing month. As more individuals and communities are negatively affected by the effects of climate change, this trend has become permanent.

Although interest is peaking, supply for lithium and nickel-ion batteries is in decline. In reality, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Gas-powered vehicles have commanded the global supply chain’s attention for over a century. In the grand scheme, the shift to electric vehicles is an incredibly new phenomenon and infrastructure to support this transition has only begun setting up.

We consider it a privilege and a duty to contribute to this sustainable initiative. By managing our mines with the same eco-first mantra championed by the technologies we’re working to power, we are partners in the global push towards a resource-efficient and cost-effective future.

ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance

Committed to Responsible Exploration and Mining Practices

We consider ourselves leaders in both sustainable resources and sustainable resourcing. As a result, our operations are managed with the surrounding environs and communities at top of mind. Every move we make takes into account one of our primary missions: we aim to improve the surrounding area affected by our projects.

We achieve this goal by observing international sustainability guidelines and by partnering with local governments. Our carbon footprint is as minimal as humanly possible.